Detecting the onset of covid-19 early using heartrate measurements collected from wearable devices

Through this blog post I shall be creating a solution architecture for the following Collecting wearable devices data from multiple users. For example heartrate from Fitbit and Apple HealthKit devices. Ingesting this data into an influxdb database running inside a docker container Running a pyspark job on aws EMR cluster to calculate heart rate variability,Continue reading “Detecting the onset of covid-19 early using heartrate measurements collected from wearable devices”

LocalStack : The zero cost aws cloud subscription

Development using aws cloud services requires a subscription. Development and testing can sometimes be a costly affair for some organizations incurring expenses to the tune of around 1000 USD. LocalStack is a more cheaper way of developing and testing code locally before it is deployed to aws cloud. Architecture Objective The objective of this postContinue reading “LocalStack : The zero cost aws cloud subscription”

Serverless Sonarqube using AWS ECS Fargate

Sonarqube is a popular tool used to derive code quality metrics like Code Coverage, Code Duplication, Code Cyclomatic complexity and Method Cohesion. The most typical way of using Sonarqube is to install it on an on premise server or an EC2 instance in cloud and ensure to keep it running. The alternative to installing SonarqubeContinue reading “Serverless Sonarqube using AWS ECS Fargate”

End-to-End devops pipeline using aws services

The objective of this blog post is to Demonstrate the construction of an end to end devops pipeline using aws code pipeline service To demo the triggering of a build and deployment without human intervention Why aws code pipeline ? It helps you leverage your existing investment in aws services. It makes the devops pipelineContinue reading “End-to-End devops pipeline using aws services”

Python based framework for FOTA (Firmware Over The Air)

A very common requirement in IoT based systems is to remotely install updated versions of firmware on devices. Presented in this blog is a python based generic framework for performing the update. Salient features : Meager code footprint of less than 4 KB. Secure download from s3 bucket using access key and secret. Secure deviceContinue reading “Python based framework for FOTA (Firmware Over The Air)”

Creating a monitoring dashboard using Prometheus and Grafana

Prometheus is a monitoring platform that collects metrics from monitored targets by scraping metrics HTTP endpoints on these targets. Grafana is a graphical tool that connects to Prometheus and helps build a visualization dashboard. In this blog We shall spinup Prometheus as a docker container on a Ubuntu based server in Azure cloud. Install NodeContinue reading “Creating a monitoring dashboard using Prometheus and Grafana”

Load testing Python Flask based REST api server from python REST clients – AWS Autoscaling use case

Objective : Create a get, put and post api using python based flask framework Invoke the api using a python based rest client Set up an AWS load balancer in front of the server Launch a swarm of 1000+ clients to invoke the rest api from a python client using aws EC2 Auto Scaling featureContinue reading “Load testing Python Flask based REST api server from python REST clients – AWS Autoscaling use case”

Autoscaling a Kubernetes cluster using Horizontal Pod AutoScaler (HPA)

In the blog I shall be describing the step by step process to setup a Kubernetes cluster using minikube to run a node js based application in Azure cloud and autoscaling the application using Horizontal Pod AutoScaler. Spin up a Standard D4s v3 (4 vcpus, 16 GiB memory) Virtual machine in Azure based on LinuxContinue reading “Autoscaling a Kubernetes cluster using Horizontal Pod AutoScaler (HPA)”

Augmented Reality – Healthcare Use Case

This blog demonstrates creating augmented reality application using Unity game engine and Vuforia. Augmented reality (AR) can be defined as the overlaying of digital content (images, video, text, sound, etc.) onto physical objects or locations, and it is typically experienced by looking through the camera lens of an electronic device such as a smartphone, tablet,Continue reading “Augmented Reality – Healthcare Use Case”

Digital Patient Health Record Locker using Azure Blockchain Workbench

With Blockchain Workbench, you can define blockchain applications using configuration and writing smart contract code. In this blog I shall walk you through a set of generic steps to create and execute a blockchain application workflow in Azure Blockchain Workbench and then using those steps we shall create a Digital Patient Health Record Locker toContinue reading “Digital Patient Health Record Locker using Azure Blockchain Workbench”