Autoscaling a Kubernetes cluster using Horizontal Pod AutoScaler (HPA)

In the blog I shall be describing the step by step process to setup a Kubernetes cluster using minikube to run a node js based application in Azure cloud and autoscaling the application using Horizontal Pod AutoScaler. Spin up a Standard D4s v3 (4 vcpus, 16 GiB memory) Virtual machine in Azure based on LinuxContinue reading “Autoscaling a Kubernetes cluster using Horizontal Pod AutoScaler (HPA)”

Augmented Reality – Healthcare Use Case

This blog demonstrates creating augmented reality application using Unity game engine and Vuforia. Augmented reality (AR) can be defined as the overlaying of digital content (images, video, text, sound, etc.) onto physical objects or locations, and it is typically experienced by looking through the camera lens of an electronic device such as a smartphone, tablet,Continue reading “Augmented Reality – Healthcare Use Case”

Digital Patient Health Record Locker using Azure Blockchain Workbench

With Blockchain Workbench, you can define blockchain applications using configuration and writing smart contract code. In this blog I shall walk you through a set of generic steps to create and execute a blockchain application workflow in Azure Blockchain Workbench and then using those steps we shall create a Digital Patient Health Record Locker toContinue reading “Digital Patient Health Record Locker using Azure Blockchain Workbench”

Two ways to talk to Azure IoT Hub

This article lists down 2 ways to communicate with Azure IoT hub : An insecure method using a standalone java client A secure certificates based method using a standalone python client Most of these instructions can be found on the Azure site but is scattered all over the place. This code has been been runContinue reading “Two ways to talk to Azure IoT Hub”

Data Analysis of COVID-19 outbreak using matplotlib and fbprophet

The purpose of this blog post is to perform a data analysis of the COVID-19 outbreak, arrive at some charts and perform some forecasting for the near future. Install Python and Jupyter Notebook to Windows 10 (64 bit) Download Python 3.7.4 or latest from “” url Choose and select “x86–64 executable installer” for Windows 10–64 bit computerContinue reading “Data Analysis of COVID-19 outbreak using matplotlib and fbprophet”

Glaucoma, Cataract and Retina Disease Detection

Using TensorFlow based model using CustomVision (Azure Cognitive Services) Synopsis Globally more than 1 billion people are affected by vision impairment or blindness due to unaddressed cataract (65.2 million), glaucoma (6.9 million), retina disease (3 million). Proposed here is the development of an AI based system using Azure Cognitive Services CustomVision tool to predict theContinue reading “Glaucoma, Cataract and Retina Disease Detection”

Docker to Docker networking between TCP Client and Server

A TCP based client and server is a frequently needed setup in IoT based applications. Presented in this article is : A method to create a java based client and server to send and receive binary data The client and server each run inside a docker container and communicate through docker networking. Create a TCPClient.javaContinue reading “Docker to Docker networking between TCP Client and Server”

10 ideas for a smart workplace

Smart water dispenser – scan with employee badge to dispense water – total quantity consumed in a day recorded against employee id in cloud Smart Chair – Records employee weight once a day when seated – scan with employee badge to record. – The chair automatically sends an alert which is displayed as a popupContinue reading “10 ideas for a smart workplace”

De-Identifying or Randomizing production data in MySQL database

There is a necessity in several Web application projects to pull valid data from production and test against the same in Pre-prod environments Fortunately or Unfortunately there are compliance issues associated with using production data. For example in the medical domain you have HIPAA compliance, in aerospace, banking and other domains you have GDPR whichContinue reading “De-Identifying or Randomizing production data in MySQL database”

Mqtt-Based Data Transfer With Kafka Cloud

Through this article, I would like to list down the detailed steps for communicating from a device to a server in the cloud running a scalable Kafka infrastructure and back from Kafka to the device using Mosquitto broker and Kafka connect. Device to cloud connectivity using mqtt-mosquitto broker and kafka connect : Step 1: Download and install mosquito forContinue reading “Mqtt-Based Data Transfer With Kafka Cloud”