Python based framework for FOTA (Firmware Over The Air)

A very common requirement in IoT based systems is to remotely install updated versions of firmware on devices. Presented in this blog is a python based generic framework for performing the update. Salient features : Meager code footprint of less than 4 KB. Secure download from s3 bucket using access key and secret. Secure deviceContinue reading “Python based framework for FOTA (Firmware Over The Air)”

Two ways to talk to Azure IoT Hub

This article lists down 2 ways to communicate with Azure IoT hub : An insecure method using a standalone java client A secure certificates based method using a standalone python client Most of these instructions can be found on the Azure site but is scattered all over the place. This code has been been runContinue reading “Two ways to talk to Azure IoT Hub”

Mqtt-Based Data Transfer With Kafka Cloud

Through this article, I would like to list down the detailed steps for communicating from a device to a server in the cloud running a scalable Kafka infrastructure and back from Kafka to the device using Mosquitto broker and Kafka connect. Device to cloud connectivity using mqtt-mosquitto broker and kafka connect : Step 1: Download and install mosquito forContinue reading “Mqtt-Based Data Transfer With Kafka Cloud”

Steps to setup an Opensource Real-time IoT data pipeline in Azure cloud

Architecture diagram: Through this and a subsequent series of articles I would like to layout a detailed step-by-step process for building a realtime IoT data pipeline based primarily on Apache open source technologies on Azure cloud. I start with the detailed architecture and instructions to build production grade clusters. In the subsequent article we shallContinue reading “Steps to setup an Opensource Real-time IoT data pipeline in Azure cloud”