10 ideas for a smart workplace

  1. Smart water dispenser
    – scan with employee badge to dispense water
    – total quantity consumed in a day recorded against employee id in cloud
  2. Smart Chair
    – Records employee weight once a day when seated
    – scan with employee badge to record.
    – The chair automatically sends an alert which is displayed as a popup notification on laptop to get up and start walking when someone is seated on it for more than say 2 hours.
  3. Smart payment card
    – records the food type and calories consumed automatically when the payment is made in the food court.
    – Alerts on high carbs, high fat consumption etc.
  4. Smart badge
    – Fitted with a pedometer inside, records the total footsteps from the time the employee walks into the office till they sign out.
  5. Smart mouse
    – Measures blood pressure and pulse rate to determine employee stress level
  6. Smart No touch thermometer
    – Fitted at the attendance recording machine near the exit door records employee temperature at entry and exit.
    – This could be linked to employee attendance too. For example If and when the employee looks into this thermometer and it records the temperature a signal sent to the attendance register to record in-time or out-time.
  7. Smart voice recorder application
    – Installed in the employee laptop systray and mobile phone recognizes a particular employee voice. For that voice records the upper and lower levels to determine if an employee is stressed at work.
  8. Smart facial expression recorder application
    – Installed in the employee laptop systray records the employee facial expression every 60 mins in a day to gauge their mood.
  9. Employee social credits
    – Many a times employees perform tasks like conducting interviews, creating slides, running scrum calls , sitting in at meetings in absence of a coworker in office or if a coworker is called in for another imp task. These usually go unrecorded and forgotten. Instead each employee can be allowed to earn social credit points for each of these tasks and it can be made a company policy to trade social credits such that no employee is overburdened with the credits.
  10. Daily manager and reportees rating app
    – A simple star based rating app similar to the one found in radio taxis. App shows up on laptop.
    – Employee selects the name from auto search box and provides rating and any specific comments for the day or every couple of days or on a day there were issues in relationship with the co-worker.
    – at the end of month ratings collated to determine employee behavior.

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